Monday, May 17, 2010

Early Bird Discount - Malaysian Chess Festival 2010

For those intending to participate in the Malaysian Chess Festival 2010 a little reminder from the organisers that there will be 10 % discount if entry fees are paid before June 2010.

For further details call Abd Hamid Majid Tel: (60) 3 40219576 Mobile: (60) 19 3158098 - Fax: (60) 3 40244337 Email: &

The annual Malaysian Chess Festival will take place from 28th August 2010 to 08 September 2010 at the CitiTel MidValley Hotel, MidValley MegaMall, Kuala Lumpur.

You may visit anyone of the following sites to get some information of the chess festival:-

a. Dato’ Arthur Tan Malaysian Open or click here; or,

b. DATCChess blog or; or,

c. or click here.

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