Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Results of Round 4 and Pairings of Round 5, Challengers Section, MCF 2009

The table on the left is the complete result of the Challengers section of Round 4, MCF 2009, Kuala Lumpur held yesterday 24th August 2009.
In the Challengers section, the top board consisting of Nor Ilhamuddin vs Ponolfio drew their games. The surprise is on board 2 where unrated Lim Samson Jr beats Jax Tham, the fourth seed. Saifuddin Izz, the National Jr, won his fourth round while surprisingly, Mohd Fadli a.k.a. Stonemaster lost his game against Tan Kok Liang on the sixth board. Our Challengers' top seed, Abelgas won his game. Meanwhile the Subramaniam siblings had won their games in round 4 and both have two points each.

The following table on the right indicates the pairings for Round 5, 9 am, 25th August 2009 (Tuesday) where on the first board, Izz Saifuddin will play Lim Samson Jr. Lim Samson Jr has scored 4 points out of 5 rounds, while Izz Saifuddin has been the sensation in Challengers scoring 3.5 points till now. Meanwhile Ponolfio meets Cheah Check Fong on board 2 and Jax Tham against Nor Ilhamuddin on board 3.

Stay tuned for more results at http://datmo.net/ (official results) or at http://fireyrook.blogspot.com/ or at http://malaysianopen.blogspot.com/.

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