Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DATMO: Rest Day

Today is a rest day for the Malaysian Open so there is no games. However the playing hall is still busy with chess activities. There is the Merdeka Open National Age Group Rapid tournament which is a one day tournament. Besides that, there is an interesting talk about Bobby Fischer.


A talk is supposed to be given by Ron Gross who is a close friend of the late Fischer. Unfortunately Ron Gross had an alergic reaction to some heart medication he was taking and he could not make the trip to Malaysia.

Instead, Larry Par, former editor of the US Chess Life and Carl Hessler are giving the talk which centres around Fischer’s background, and some of Bobby’s instructional games.


The tournament hall is packed with junior players.


Carl Hessler does a good keeping the audience engaged.


The talk didn’t just attract the kids. FM Brian Jones, Paul Spiller  and Bennet Hilton who are participants of the Malaysian Open were also part of those who attended the talk.

Basically the whole thing was about hero worshipping Bobby Fischer which is common in the US but not here in Malaysia. Overall, a short but very instructive talk.

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