Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ambank Challenge - Round 2 Pairing

The above is the second round pairing for the AmBank Challenge that will start tomorrow morning at 9.00am.

What an upset for me is Francois Wolfaardt, a South African with 1700+ rating, who lose in the first round. Based on the Round 1 pairing as per published by GilaChess in his chess blog, Francois's opponent is Ooi Li Tao.

The only draw game is between an U12 Selangor state player, Ee Sun-Xin, and an U12 Negeri 9 state player, Subramaniam Sivanesan.

Also noticed that two Phillipine players, Roel Abelgas (FIDE-rated 2180) and Panopio Rodolfo Jr, were in the list and overtook the top two seeds from Stonemaster and Jax Tham. Maybe they were the last minute entrants.

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